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Are you wondering about the future of the Affordable Care Act? Do you find it hard to know what updates to trust? We understand!

Over the past few weeks we have started to receive more and more calls from Georgians who are concerned about the efforts under weigh on Capitol Hill to change the ACA. To keep you up to date, we have spent the past few weeks working with industry experts, health care lawyers, and the Georgia  delegation on Capitol Hill to bring you the most accurate, factual, and unbiased information available. As more plans are introduced and those in Congress begin to negotiate with each other, we will continue to bring you these updates.    

To that end we invite you to check out our new blog “Happenings on the Hill” to keep up with the latest legislative happenings.

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing details of all the plans currently being considered and discussing how these plans would change the current makeup of the ACA. We welcome dialogue, so feel free to comment on Facebook or below.